Sunday, November 14, 2010

28... really! (better late then never)

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I have a hard time believing that you are 28, time has a funny way of sneaking up on you...I still feel like I am in my early twenties and you still act like you are 16! I wanted to come up with 28 things we love about you but once again time has gotten away from here are some of the many things that make you one special 28 year old!

  • Underneath that tough guy exterior you really are a softy.

  • We always feel safe when you are around.

  • You make up the best songs.
  • You look handsome with a shaved head.

  • You appreciate the great outdoors and I know our kids will learn to love them will always be an adventure with you.

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  • We will never go hungry...

  • You love your family and are loved by your family, as well as mine.
  • Lottie loves her are rather nice to snuggle with!

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  • It doesn't take much to make you smile or laugh...(i snuck in a halloween pic cause I didn't blog about it...bad mom)

  • You are hardworking and smart...we are so proud of you and know that you will always take good care of your family.

  • You absolutely love being a dad.

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We are two pretty lucky ladies to have you as a husband and a dad...Love you always!


  1. That is cute! How come your blog page is super cute again....your are too hard to keep up with.

  2. My heart soared when I saw an update... Happy Late Birthday Dave... we definitely count you on the "best people we know" list.

  3. So sweet, that sign made me laugh too.

  4. that fish was huge! i just cant stop thinking about it! ha... your blog is so cute and i love looking at pics of miss lottie, what a doll she is!

  5. ASHLEY!
    I had to let you know I read your blog. (I just confessed the same thing on Brooke's!)
    I love seeing updates with your family - you guys all look fabulous! Lottie's beautiful and happy birthday to your man. (Marisa's right - that fish really was huge!)
    If you want to read my blog (I feel so stupid saying that) just write me a quick e-mail with your address - I'd love to stay in (better)contact!
    kristinsmith5 [at]